Diana, an embodiment of divinity and light, was truly an angel among us. She lived her life to the absolute fullest, inspiring laughter and joy within everyone that had the pleasure of knowing her. Diana truly was grace in motion: genuine in character, and pure of heart.


An avid traveler, Diana could be found mingling with monkeys, giggling with giraffes, and swimming with stingrays. She loved all creatures great and small; but Diana’s greatest loves were her Siberian huskies: Batman, Anaya, and Shadow. They were her forever fur babies, leaving paw prints on her heart just as she left her hand print on theirs.


Diana radiated positivity and believed that good deeds could only foster more good. So as her older sister, I believe in paying it forward. I want to cherish my sister’s memory and fulfill her dreams and wishes. We want to keep Diana’s spirit alive and do the things she would have done if she was still here.


Just like Diana, Chloe (a friend and mentor of Diana’s who has helped make this foundation possible) and myself believe that animals are sacred creatures given to us from heaven to show us unconditional love. The world was blessed with Diana’s presence for 27 incredible years. We carry on Diana’s legacy, honoring her gentle and kind nature in everything we do.


Thank you for all the love you gave to us Diana. 


Forever in our Hearts and Fondest Memories


Your Sister,